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Prof.Dr. Muhammad Arif Nadeem

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Qualifications :

MBBS, FCPS (med)

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Qualification Details :

Matriculation(Science)Govt. Pilot Secondary School Rahim Yar Khan1979   
FScKhawaja Fareed Government College Rahim Yar Khan1981   
MBBSAllama Iqbal Medical College Lahore1987   
FCPSCollege of physicians & Surgical Pakistan1998   

Researches and Publications:

ENABLE 1, TPL 103922 (Eltromobpag to Initate and Maintain Interferon Antiviral Treatment to Benifit Subject with Hepatitis related Liver Disease)Hepatology  
ENABLE 2, TPL 108390 (Eltromobpag to Initate and Maintain Interferon Antiviral Treatment to Benifit Subject with Hepatitis C related Liver Disease)   
ELEVATE, TPL 104054 (Eltrombopag Evaluated for its Ability to overcome Thrombocytopenia and Enable procedures)Hepatology  
ENABLE CC, A Retrospective Observational Non Interventional nested case control study to Evaluate the Risk for Thromboembolic events Associated with Surgery and Eltrombopag Exposure in the Enable StudiesHepatology  
Ventilatory Function of Healthy, Urban, Non Smoking Pakistani young Adults aged 18-24 years Respiratory Medicine London U.K 1999:93: 546-551Ventilatory Function PulmonologyRespiratory Medicine Londone
Statistical Prediction Model for Replase Rate in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients Treated with Conversational Interferon Rebavirin Therapy British Journal of Medicine & Research 2011: 1(3) 122-131HepatologyBritish Journal of Medicine & Medical Research London,
Effects of Octreotide Infusion prior to Sclerotherapy in Esophageal varices Journal of the college of physicians and Surgeons pakistan (jcpsp) 2001: 11 (11) 689-692GastroenterologyJournal of the college of physicians and surgeons pakistan (JCPSP)
Etiology of Renal Failure in patients of Liver Cirrhosis having Renal Impairment The Pakistan Journal of Gastronerology (PJG) 2011: 25(1) 29-35HepatologyThe Pakistan Journal of Gastroenterology ( PHG) Lahoreonly mailing address
Usefulness of SAAG in Evaluation of Ascites. The Pakistan Journal of Gastroenterology (PJG), 1999:13GastroenterologyThe Pakistan Journal of Gastroenterology (PJG) LahoreOnly mailing address
The Etiological spectrum upper gestrointestinal Hemorrhage Endoscipy Med Forum 2001GastroenterologyMedical Forum
Hepatic Encephalopathy precipitating factors and outcome The Pakistan Journal of Gastroenterology (PJG) 2001HepatologyThe Pakistan journal of Gastroenterology (PJG) Lahoreonly mailing
Hepatitis C Virus An Alarmingly Increasing cause of Liver Cirrhosis in pakistan The Pakistan Journal of Gastroenterology (PJG) 2002HepatologyThe Pakistan Jounal of Gastroenterologyonly mailing address
Pericardial Effusion and Tuberculosis A common Association resulting in Cardiac Tamponade Med Forum, 2001CardiologyMedical
Comparison of Clinical Vs CT scan Localization of Intracerebral Hemorrhage Pakistan Journal of Neurology 2001NeurologyPakistan Journal of Neurology Lahoreonly has mailing address nasrullah
Differences in Clinical Profile and Echocardiographic Findings in patients with Valvular Vs Non valvular Origin of Atrial Finrillation Annals of Kind Edward Medical College Lahore 1999Cardioligy Annals of king Edwards Medical College
Structural CNS Diseases Non traumatic causing coma and their prognostic significance Pakistan Journal of Neurology 2000Neurology pakistan journal of Neurology LahoreOnly has mailing address
Metabolic Encephalopathies leading coma and thier outcome at Mayo Hospital Lahore Pakistan Journal of Neurology 2004Neurology Pakistan journal of neurology Lahoreonly has mailing address
Is there any relationship of age and sex to the etilogy and outcome of Medical coma? Annals of King Edward Medical College Lahore, 2005Neurology Annals of King Edwar Medical College
Prognostoc Value of Initial Glasgow coma score in comatised patients on medical floor Annals of king Edward Medical College Lahore 2006NeurologyAnnals of king Edward Medical College
Comparison of in Hospiral course of parients having first Acute Mycardial infarction with or with or without pre Infarct Angina Esculapio 2007Cardiology Esculapio Lahore
Correlation of Polymorphoneutrocyte count and Ascitiv fluid culture in diagnosis of spontaneous Bacterial peritionitis.The Pakistan journal of Gastroenterology (PJG)2010Gastroenterology (PJG) LahoreOnly mailing address
Etio;ogocal spectrum of liver cirrrhosis patients presenting to a Tertiaty care Hospital in pakistan. Annals of punjab Medical College 2011HepatologyAnnals of punjab Medical college Faislabadwww,
Oesophageal Varices Vs Peptic Ulcer A Study of 100 patients presenting in Mayo Hospital with Upper Gastrointestinal bleeding The Pakistan Journal of Gastroenterology.1998Gastroenterology(PJG) Lahoreonly mailing address
Atypical Chest pain Endoscopic Abnormalities in patients with normal resting and post Exercise EKG. (PJG)200Gastrienterology(PJG ) Lahoreonly mailing address
Polsoning in patients of Medical coma and their Outcome at Mayo Hospital Lahore Annls of King Edward Medical College Lahore 2004NeurologyAnnals of King Edward Medical College
C[oputer Based learning of Endoscopy (pjg) 2000GastroenterologyPJG )
Oesophageal varices Vs peptic ulcer: Astudy of 100 patients presenting in Mayo Hospital with upper Gastrointestinal bleeding PJOG 1988Castrpemyerp;pgu PJG Lahore 
Causes and outcome of suicidedel prsented tp a medical ward  Annals of KEMC  
Peripartum Cardiomyopathy presenting to cardiology department of Mayo Hospital Lahore Annals of KEMU 
An Audit of Indoor Morbidiy and Morality in a medical ward at a Teritary Care Hospital  Annals of KEMU 
Right Ventricular Involvement in Inferior Myocardial infarction:incidence ,clinical spectrum and in hospital outcome  Annals of KEMU 
A study of underlying cardiac and non -cardiac risk factors in patients with Atrial Fibrillation  Annals of KEMC 
Non-invasive Markers of Reperfusion following hrombolysis in Acute Myocardial infarction  Pakistan journal of Cardiology karachi 
The aeitology of non-traumatic (Medical)coma Annals of KEMC 
Foreign bodies in the oesophagus Pakistan Postgraduate Medical Journal 
Complications of Tetanus in Adult patients in Pakistan The Professional 
The Incidence of Mitral valve prolapse in patients presenting with Atypical chest pain  Pakistn journal of Cardialogy Karachi 
Risk satisfaction of patients presenting with first Acute Myocardial Infarcton with Serum Cardiac TIoponijn-T Pakistan Journal of Cardiology Karachi 
Effect of Fluvastatin in Dyslipidaemia Associated with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  Specialist ,Pakistan"s journal of Cardiology Karachi 
Comparison of clinical Vs CT scan Localization of Intracerebral Hemorrhage  Pakistan Journal of Neurology 
Left Ventricular Hypetrophy (LHV):sensitvity f different Electrocardiographic criteria to diagnose LVH in patients having increased left ventricular Mass Index on Echocardiography Annals of King Edward Medical college Lahore 
Gender, Age of the patient and killip class at Presentation as predictive factors for the occurrence of left ventricular thrombus in first Acute Anterior Myocardial infarction  Annals of KEMC 
A comparison of early Echocardiographic findings patients having first Acute Myocardial infraction with or without pre-infarct Angina Esculapio  
Endoscpic Healing of GERD using Esomeprazole Therapy  Esculapio 
Rosiglitazone and Metformin in patients with type -2 Diabetes Mellitus who are Inadequately controlled on Metformin Alone Annals of KEMC 
Eitology of Renal failure of Liver cirrhosis having renal impairment . The Pakistan jounal of Gastetroenterology 
Outcome of Upper GI Endoscopy of Patients with upper Gastrointestinal Bleed Pakistan jounal of Medical & Health sciences 
Diagnostic Evalution of Patients presenting with bleeding per Rectum b sigmoidoscopy  Pakistan journal of Medical & Health Sciences 
Viral load & Genotype are the major Dererminates of SVR in Chronic Hepatitis C patients of Azad Kashmir Pakistan  Pakistan journal of Medical & health sciences 
Effect of 1.5 litre infusion on Serum creatinine and other factors in patients of cirrhosis of liver with Renal Ompairment  The Pakistan journal of Gastroenterology  
Upper GI Endoscopy- an Annual Review of cases at Medical Unit III (Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology ) Services Hospital Lahore  The Pakistan Journal of Gastroenterology  
The frequency of the Retinopathy in patients of Chronic Hepatitus Treated with interferon Alpha  Journal of Fatima Jinnah Medical College 
Retinal changes: In patients of chronic Hepatitus C treated with interferon Alpha ----- Ribavirin combination therapy  Journal of Fatima Jinnah Medical college 
Hepatocellular carcinoma in Cirrhotic patiens :Frequancy , seroprevalence of Hepatitis B and C and patient profile   
Htdrolytic enzymes and rutosid for treatment of chronic hepatitis CThe Pakistan journal of Gastroenterology  
A study comparing Artemether and Quinine in Adults with Flalciparum Malaria Esculapio  

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