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Qualification Details :

Researches and Publications:

Thesis entitled Fluid Absorption during TURP   
Hyponatremia during TURP Pakistan journal of surgery 1995,vol 11 No.1.pag 12-14 
ESWL for Renal Lithiasis in children Pakistan Journal of surgery,1995.voll.No.1.page44-46 
ESWL forvesicalcalculus  Biomedia 1994,vol 10 58-60 
The Role of Urinary Cytology in the early Diagnosis of Bladder Cancer  Specialist 1994 vol 10 No 4 page 303-306 
Tissue Damage following Extracorporial Shockwave Lithotripsy Pakistan Journal of surgery1994,vol 10,page 78-80 
ESWL versus open surgery for vesical calculi in children A Coparative study .pakistan journal of surgery july -sept 1995,vol II No 3 
Estimation of Blood loss during TURP. pakistan Journal of surgery july -sept  Pakistan Journal of surgery july- sept. 1995 vol II 
Extracirporial Shockwave Lithotripsy ESWL , rationale for using Double J stent the professional April June April -June 1998, Vol 5,No.2 
Diagnosis of carcinoma Prostate: Pakistan Journal of surgery july sept 1996,Vol 12, No.4 
Value of Screening of population for carcinoma prostate  Pakistan Journal pf surgery Oct-Dec 1996, Vol 12,No.4 
Management of Under Flatable balloon of foly catheter. Post graduate Medical Journal Oct-Dec 1998,Vol 19, No 270-278 
Bacterimia Following Urological Endoscopy The professional Vol 07 No. L.03,Jul,Aug,Sep 2000, Page 318-321 
Transvesical Repair of difficult Vesico vaginal Fistulas Annal of KEMC Vol. 7 issue 1, Jan-Mar 1-3 
Role of Sildenafil Viagra in the management of honeymoon impotency.  Postgraduate Medical Journal. Jul-sept 2002 Vol.13, No.3page 84-86 
Xanthogranulamatous pyelonephrist Journal of college of physicians and Surgeons pakistan . March 2002. Vol 12 . No 3. page187-188 
Transurethral electrivaporizaion of prostate as an alternate to transurethral resection in benign prostatic hyperplasia Journal of Ayub Medical College Oct-Dec 2004,Vol 16,No 4. page 16-20 
Calculus related acute renal failure Management Strategies. Esculapio April June 2005 vol1.No 1.Page 20-25 
Ureteric Reimplantation by Taguchi Technique Pakistan Postgraduate Medical Journal.Apr- Jun Volum14,No 2,2003 
Efficacy of bladder tum or antigen ib the diagbosis of carcinoma of urinary bladder Pakistan postgraduate Medical journal 2003 
Outcome of pripism after early and late management Annals of KEMC jan -Mar 2007 Vol,13 Issue 1, page 78-80 
Metal Stenosis in circumcised males Is it preventable?  Annals of KEMC jan -Mar 2007 Vol.13 issue 1. page 78-80 
Pyeloplasty 8 year experiencce at Lahore and Larkana , Pakistan .  Pak J Med Res April - June 2007 Vol.46 issue 46-48 
Efficacy of pneumatic lithoclast in the management of Ureteric calculi  Esculapio vol 2, issue 2, july sep, 2006 page 14-17 
Precutaneous Nephrolithotomy Esculapio vol 2, issue 2. july sep, 2006, page 25-28 
Ureterocolic Anastomosis by Modified Lich Method.  Esvulapio, vol 02,jan-Mar, 2007,page 22-24 
Evaluating Urological Residents on Interparetation of Uroflowmetry Graphs Annals of KEMU voll 3, ussye 4, Oct-Dec, 2007 , page 24-27 
Unreliability of International prostate symptomscore and residual urine for the evaluation of bladder outlet obstruction Esculapio vol 3, ussye 01., April -June 2007 page 24-27 
Fournier gangrene following iatrogenic urethral trauma  Annals of punjab Medical College vol 2, No 2, Jul- Dec2008 
Clinical outcome of modified Thiersch Duplay urethroplasty for proximal hypospadias Singapore Medical Journal vol 52, issue 1,2011 
Efficacy of Alfuzosin in the management of distal ureteral stones  Esculapio vol.7,issue 03 july-sep 2011 page 19-22 
Patients preference in the management of urinary stone disease  Esculapio vol 8, issue 03, july september 2012 page 133-135 
Misuse of antiniotics and bacterial resistance  journal of family Medical Education center August 2013 

Workshops and Seminars:

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