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Prof. Rakshan Shaheen Najmi

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Researches and Publications:

Caesarean and post partum hystereetomy  Study form Lahore 
Maternal Mortality -A hospital based study from Lahore JCPSP A hospital based study from Lahore JCPSP 
Dystocia A study containuing problem JCPSP 
A study on endometrious at SGRH Lahore Lahore,JCPS 
An analysis of cases with postpartum callapse and accidents JCPSP   
Endocentrsis -A useful diagnostic tool in estopic pregnancy JCPSP   
Association between previous caesarean sections and occurrence of placenta previa and pathological placental adherence JCPSP   
Rupture of previously scarrred uterus -A preventalble catastrophy JCPSP   
GTD-A clincal study of benign and non metastatic varieties JCPSP   
Risk factors clicle presentation and perinatal outcome of congenital mal formations in a hospital based study JCPSP   
Health care providers Knowledge concerning HIV infection AIDS JCPSP   
Occurrence of lower urinary tract symptoms during pregnancy and their significance JCPSP   
An audit of caesarean sections carried out in a tertiary car maternity unit JCPSP   
Standard and utility of lectures views and opinions of our undergraduate medical students JCPSP   
Indications complications and fetal outcomes A comparison between emergency and elective caesarean section   
Ectopic pregnancy A three year study   
Causes and risk factors of retained placenta A case control study   
Acute puereral uterine inversion A rare cut life threatening complications of third stage of labour   
A community oriented KAP study on the non or improper utilization of maternity services of pakistan mothers   
Knowledge and awareness of out medical students regarding various aspects of HIV infections AIDS   
Changing trends in the indications of obstetrics hysterectomy   
Complications attributed to illicit abortion-JPMA   
Justification of caesarean section done for fetal distress   
Awareness of our Health Care Personnel about various preventive aspects of HIV infection /AIDS and thier practices and attitudes concerning such patients   
Lecture as a mode of Instruction in undergraduate Medical Education   
Outcome of singleton term breech in the pretext of mode of dellivery   
Distribution of birth weight of hospital born pakistan infants   
Prevalence of Chlamydia trochomatis among pakistan women attending gynaecological clinic-International Journal of STD   
Breast feeding practices of pakistan mothers -International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynae   
Prevalence and determinations of caesarean section in a teaching hospital of pakistan  Journal of Obstertrics and Gynaecology 

Workshops and Seminars:

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