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Prof.Dr. Abdullah Haroon

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FRCSRoyal College1992   

Researches and Publications:

Idopathic Intracrainial Hypertension(IIH) Management with Iumboperitoneal shunt Shaheen A Butt R.M Ahmed M. Majid H,A. Ahmed N, Jan-jun 2010 vol 14, p12-14 
Used of closed on the outcome of burrhole crainostomy for chronic subdural hematoma treatment  Pakistan Journal of neurological surger Jan- jun 2010 Vol 14,p 19-22 
Five years reviewfailed back surgery syndrome(FBSS) at dept of neurosugery unit I, Lahore General Hospital Lahore A Shaheen RM Butt A rehman A Haroon B But A sabir AMajid F Raza A Nayaz A Rashid N Ahmed  Pakistan Journal of neurological surgery Vol 13 no 1, Journal of neurological surger Jan- June 2010, vol 14, p 19-22 
Meningitis in closed head injury 2 years experience at Lahore general hospital RM Butt, A shaheen M ahmed N ahmed  Pakistan Jornal of Neurological surgery Vol 13 no 1, Jan- Jun 200933-37 
Clippingof intracranial aneurysms 3 years study Manzoor Ahmed Rizwan Masood Butt Nazir Ahmed TAMC Vol. 20, no 3, July , sept,2008 p 75-78 
Preoperative findings of microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia Surgimed medical and dental journal Vol. 1, No,1.2009.p9-12 
Conservatve Management of small volume ectradural hematomas Pak. of Neurol Surg- vol.1.1, No.1 Jan-jun 2007 
Anterior cage fixation for dorsal spine injuries one year study  Proceedings Sh Zyd PGMI Vol.20(1) jan to june 2006 
Conservative management of CSF rhinorrhea Accept by pakistan journal pf Neurosurgery  
Aneursmal sunarachnoid hemorrhage Annals of King Edward Medical College p108 -112. vol. 11 issue 2. Apr-Jun 2005 
Cerebral Infarction with extradural hematoma  pakistan postgraduate Medical Journal. vol. 16. No 2 Apr- Jun 2005:p 58-63 
Mechanical complications of ventricular catheter in ventriculoperitoneal  Pakistan journal of neurological surgery vol 8 no 2 jul Dec 2004 
Comparison of free hand and sterotactic cranial Biopsy Pakistan journal of surgery Jan Mar 1996 Vol 12 No 1-12-14 
Acoustic Neurinoma surgery  Pakistan Journal of Neurosurgery Apr Jun 1996 vol 2 no 2,p27-29 
Stereotactic Management of Colloid vysts of 3rd Ventricle Journal of Ayub Meducal college vol8 Bo 1, jan-jun 1996,p6-8 
Visual Prognosis in Tumours of Sella and parasellar Areas Pakistan journal of Ophrhalmology vol 12, No 1 ,Jan- jun No 31996 p79-84 
Infratentorial Tumours In Asults pakistan journal of Neurology vol..2 no,4 oct to December 1996 
Spinal Tuberculosis   
Trigeminal Neuralgia Micro Vasular Decompression  pakistan journal of surgery vol12 No 4. Oct-Dece 1996 
Brain Death  pakistan journal of surgery voll2 No 1 jan-Mar 1996 
Comparison of free hand and stereotactic Cranial Biopsy pakistan journal of surgery vol 12 No 1 jan -Mar 1996 
Epidemiology of paediatric Head injury Pakistan journal of Neurology jul-sept 1996 

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