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These are the first Good Clinical Practice Guidelines published by Dengue Expert Advisory Group (DEAG) for the management of dengue Infection in adults, hence forth going to be referred to as GCP dengue-guidelines-2012. It must be emphasized that these guidelines are only meant to provide broad recommendations for good clinical practice, based on the best evidence available at the time of development of these recommendations - an overall management strategy in a garden variety of dengue patient. As each patient is unique hence adherences to these guidelines will, by no means, guarantee the best outcome in every case. Attending healthcare provider is best suited to make appropriate decisions for his patients, taking ground realities into cnosideration, regarding implementation / modifications of these “generic” protocols. After all, he is primarily responsible, for the management of his/her “unique patient” based on the clinical picture and the locally available management options.

Review of the Guidelines

The authors have issued these GCP guidelines in 2012. It would be reviewed in 2014 or sooner if new evidence becomes available.
DEAG Secretariat
Services Institute of Medical Sciences,
Jail Road, Lahore



Primary Authors:
  • Prof. Faisal Masud
  • Dr. Tayyaba Khawar Butt
  • Prof. Mohammad Ali

Development and Review Committee:

In addition to the primary authors the development and review committee for these guidelines consisted of:

  • Prof. Javed Raza Gardezi
  • Prof. Mehmood Ayyaz
  • Prof. Aziz ur Rehman
  • Dr. Sajid Nisar
  • Dr. Saqib Shafi
  • Dr. Tahir Bashir

Special Committees

During the process of development of these guidelines, there was active involvement of the special committees tasked to formulate recommendations for dengue associated with co-morbidities. Following authors contributed text of the manuscript:

  • Prof. Rakhshanda Rehman
    Dengue Fever in Pregnancy
  • Dr. Faisal Sultan and Dr. Syed Hammad Nazeer
    Dengue Fever in Immunocompromised Host

This Section explains different aspects and activities of DEAG (Dengue Expert Advisory Group). Use the links below to View / Download the relevant content of DEAG.

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Various Case Histories (ppt)

Dengue Reporting Form (pdf)

Dengue Admission Criteria and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Revised Criteria for Diagnosis of Dengue Fever During Epidemic of Dengue fever

Revised Criteria for Diagnosis of Dengue Fever Applicable In Non Epidemic Setting

Radiology Form for DHF

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