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The Department of Physiology is one of the pioneer departments of Services institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore engaged to provide high-quality medical education to MBBS students. Amongst different preclinical and clinical disciplines of the Under Graduate curriculum, Physiology provides the basis for understanding the functions of organs and systems of human body and to learn how do underlying mechanisms get altered in abnormal functions of the body. Hence learning of Physiology makes the students understand the scientific basis of disease and treatment for restoration of normal functions of organs and systems. During first two years of MBBS program, Physiology makes the pivotal component of an integrated modular system for learning medicine. The Physiology department uses innovative teaching methods to enhance in depth understanding the functions at the level of cells, tissues, organ systems and the whole body. The practical work is done in well-equipped modern laboratories and state of the art manikins and simulators. The teaching is a dynamic process which has been refined over the years. It is the blend of large and small group interactive sessions in case-based/problem based learning methods with integrative approach to develop student competency for smooth transit into clinical practice.

The rapid evolution in understanding the physiological sciences has led to an emphasis on learning the fundamental principles of various mechanisms and functions, making it essential for young doctors to have a complete grasp on Physiology and its related disciplines. Resultantly, students comprehend how different functions of the human body come together to make a singular functioning system, allowing them to perform effective patient management as prospective doctors, and also to move towards new and innovative medical practice.

The diligent faculty of Physiology has been working tirelessly to lay foundation of a standardized teaching department. Every faculty member has worked with zeal to pursue academic and research activities along with constantly updating the methods of medical teaching. The department also hosts practical laboratories, equipped with state of the art equipments and latest tools, essential for performing practical work related to different systems of the body. The department has the endeavor to create a strong knowledge base of medical students, from microscopic details of cells to complex functioning of organ systems.

The department is running postgraduate program in Physiology under the auspices of CPSP and UHS to offer continued opportunities for faculty and medical graduates to build advancement in knowledge of Physiology, academic competence and learning through research.







Dr. Aysha Zaheer

Associate Professor

MBBS, DA, M. Phil Physiology, CMT, CME

Dr. Bushra Hussain

Associate Professor

MBBS, M. Phil Physiology, PhD Scholar

Dr. Syeda Zainab

Assistant Professor

MBBS, M. Phil Physiology, CHPE

Dr. Syeda Abeer Fatima

Assistant Professor

MBBS, M. Phil Physiology