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Neo Symposium 2024

NeoSymposium 2024 was held in Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Main Auditorium on 27.01.2024. This was held in collaboration between Department of Pediatrics, Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Pakistan Pediatric Association (Neonatology group and Punjab Group), UNICEF and WHO under the slogan of “Sharing Knowledge to Save Newborn Lives”. This was the first event of its kind to be held in a public sector hospital, and we at SIMS are very proud to have had the honor of hosting it. The event was hugely attended with 450 delegates from all over the country. The participants included Pediatricians, Neonatologists, Obstetricians and Nurses that had gathered to improve their knowledge and skills. The inaugural session was graced by Professor Dr Javed Akram (Honorable Minister of Health), who had kindly consented to be our chief guest, Professor Zohra Khanum (Chief Patron and Principal SIMS) and Professor Sajid Maqbool (Professor and Patron Emeritus) amongst other notable dignitaries from Pediatric and Neonatal Fraternity. The entire Department of Pediatrics, SIMS was present to welcome the honorable guests. The welcome address was given by Prof Tayyaba Khawar Butt (Head of the Department and Professor of Pediatrics, SIMS). This was followed by very thought-provoking speeches by Prof Zohra Khanum and then Chief Guest Prof Javed Akram. The entire inaugural session was very well managed by Dr Tahira Fatima (Associate Professor, Pediatrics). The training manual titled “Small Sick Newborn” (a joint venture of PPA Neonatology Group and UNICEF/WHO was also launched at the inaugural session. Copy of the manual was presented to the Chief Guest as a souvenir. The scientific session included four state-of-the art lectures by Professor Khalid Haque (from USA), Prof Junaid Mohib Khan (from UAE), Prof Tayyaba Khawar Butt (from SIMS) and Dr Yasser Masood (from Al-Shifa Hospital, Islamabad). The talks were on topics of common interest and generated a keen interest from the audience as was evident from the Q&A session that followed. Following subjects were addressed in the lectures: # Topic Speaker 1 Approach to Cyanosis in Newborn Dr Yasser Masood 2 Updates on Management of RDS Prof Tayyaba Khawar Butt 3 Birth Asphyxia: What We Should Know? What Should We Do? Prof. Junaid Mohib Khan 4 Continuing Saga of LOS Prof. Khalid Haque Nine workshops were scheduled as part of the symposium. Three were held before the symposium, three on the same date and venue as the symposium and three in the week that followed. Topics and venues included: No Topic Date Venue 1 Newborn resuscitation 24.01.24 Shalamar hospital 2 Mastering Neonatal Examination 25.01.24 Fatima Memorial Hospital 3 Approaching Neonatal Metabolic Challanges 25.01.24 Fatima Memorial Hospital 4 Kangaroo Mother Care 27.01.24 Services Hospital 5 Noninvasive ventilation 27.01.24 Services Hospital 6 Point of Care Ultrasound Scan of lungs 27.01.24 Services Hospital 7 Neonatal Cardiac Ultrasound 30.01.24 Servces hospital 8 Neonatal Procedures 31.01.24 Services Hospital 9 Approach to Metabolic Disorders in Neonatal Period 02.02.24 Indus Hospital, Karachi The participants were served delicious lunch, after the workshops, in the lawns of Services Institute of Medical Sciences, which marked a befitting end of the day.