Principal Message

Prof. Zohra Khanum

Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore has an EDUCATION ENVIRONMENT which has tremendous structural and human resource. The FACULTY at SIMS is a jewel in its crown, is professionally motivated which is a tremendous asset for the institution. 10 January, 2024 A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been established between SIMS/SERVICES HOSPITAL, LAHORE, and THE PUNJAB POLICE. The SIMS Campus building has a unique grandeur. All the Basic Sciences departments are located in a purpose built campus where the basic and applied aspects of basic sciences are inculcated. This is the foundation of an INTEGRATED CURRICULUM. The EDUCATIONAL CYCLE is implemented through a curriculum framework. After NEEDS ASSESSMENT the OUTCOME for a particular course, class or rotation is determined. INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES ensure that teaching is equated with learning. There is emphasis on interactive and experiential aspect of teaching. Appropriate small and large groups teaching methods are implemented. SIMULATIONS have a great role in medical education. Basic Life Support (BLS) has been initiated for undergraduates. SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTER and EXPERIMENTAL ANIMAL LAB is a hallmark of the modern learning and teaching strategies and are an integral part of instructional strategy. SIMS ASSESSMENT drives learning. There is a distinct demarcation into formative and summative assessment. FORMATIVE assessment and FEEDBACK are essential for learning and every

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