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Department of Diabetes

Prof. Dr. Khadija Irfan Khawaja
MBBS, FCPS, PgDip Diabetes (Cardiff), PgDip Endocrinology (QMUL), Certificate in Medical Teaching
Professor and Head of Institute of Endocrinology & Metabolic Diseases
Services Institute of Medical Sciences Lahore




In the ever-evolving realm of endocrinology at Services Hospital Lahore, our department shaped under the visionary leadership of Late Prof Faisal Masud, stands as an epitome of excellence. We are not merely a hub but a dynamic force in comprehensive endocrine healthcare, excelling in patient care, training, research, and continuous medical education (CME).

Our commitment to patient well-being is evident through Faisal Masud Diabetes Management Centre and the specialized Professor Faisal Masud Endocrine Ward, catering to an impressive patient turnover of 35,000 annually. These foundational pillars offer standardized, evidence-based services, including clinics like the Bone Clinic, Diabetic Foot Clinic, and Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic. The Endocrine Ward complements our holistic approach, ensuring specialized inpatient services and a facility for dynamic endocrine testing. In the arena of training, our department conducts Level 4 programs for FCPS Endocrinology and MD Endocrinology, providing aspiring healthcare professionals a platform to hone their skills and contribute to the evolving landscape of endocrine healthcare. This department has trained the largest number of FCPS endocrinology residents in the country.

Our dedication to transformative research is demonstrated through international collaborations and ongoing projects, such as T2DM prevention trials and NCDs outreach programs. Supported by entities like the European Union, National Institute for Health Research (NIHR, UK), and Wellcome Trust (England), we strive to advance knowledge and contribute to the global understanding of endocrine disorders. Actively engaging in Continuous Medical Education (CME), our department hosts conferences, workshops, and seminars, ensuring our team remains at the forefront of medical knowledge and practices.

Navigating the currents of endocrinology, we are steadfastly guided by principles of healing, education, and transformative research. As we persistently advance our mission, inspired by a collective commitment to excellence, we solidify our role not just as a hub but as a pulsating centre for comprehensive patient care, a training ground for future experts, and a source of cutting-edge research and continuous medical education.