Department Types

Gynaecology Unit I

Prof.Dr.Tayyiba Wasim       


HOD Obstetrics and Gynaecology


The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Unit I) at SIMS, Services Hospital is a robust department involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and training. It is a leading reproductive health facility located in center of city having 40 bed in ward and 18 beds in labour room. It caters the teaching and learning needs of more than 700 undergraduates and 80 postgraduate medical students. There are 12,000 annual births and around 60,000 OPD attendance, 5000 major surgeries including cancer surgeries and laparoscopic surgeries.  There are regular teaching rounds and  small group interactive teaching sessions for residents. Similarly, OPD and OT teaching and training sessions are held twice a week live on patients. ,There is monthly MPDSR & perinatal  meetings as an endeavor to decrease maternal and perinatal mortality. Department is equipped with latest equipment and ambitious for providing the best care and health services to the patients and is working efficiently by observing virtues and values to serve humanity in the ethical way. Regular professional development activities for capacity building of faculty, students and residents are essential activity of department. It includes annual crash preparatory courses for residents, workshops, statistical meetings , research writing, professionalism and communication skills workshop.


Gynecology department SIMS is pioneer in starting kangaroo mother care for the preterm and low birth weight babies and master trainers of the department have been instrumental in training trainers in districts. Department is actively involved in providing post partum family planning (PPFP) services in line with vision of Government of Punjab for maternal and child health. We have trained HCPs from 36 districts on PPFP including consultants from teaching hospitals. Prof.Tayyiba wasim  is the Chairperson of Mentorship committee of undergraduates and mentorship sessions of all classes are conducted on monthly basis to bridge student teacher gap & build strong healthy relationship.

Research is a strong forte of department. Prof. Tayyiba Wasim is editor in chief of ESCULAPIO official journal of Services Institute of medical sciences. It is published quarterly, recognized by PMDC and accredited by HEC in Y category. It is in indexed with 33 international indexing bodies. It is member of COPE. There are 23 researches going on in the department. Prof.  Tayyiba wasim has 57,  Dr. Saira Yunus associate professor has 25 & dr Gul e Raana Assistant professor has 22 publications.