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Department of Neurology


Prof. Dr. Qasim Bashir



M.B.B.S, MD [USA], ABPN [Neurology],

UCNS [NeurocriticalCare]; ABMS [VascularNeurology],

CAST NeuroendovascularSurgery,USA


HOD Department of Neurology:



Introduction of Department:         

Neurology as a specialty has advanced following discovery of mutations in disease genes, novel imaging methods, development of new drugs and their evaluation in clinical trials and all of this has led to breakthrough in the treatment of neurological diseases. New medications and surgical treatments have been discovered for diseases as diverse as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer disease, stroke and epilepsy. Continued research and development is pushing the boundary to find treatments for congenital disorders via gene therapies. In essence, an exciting time is to be affiliated with Neurosciences specialty.

The Neurology Department at the Services Institute of Medical Sciences [SIMS] Lahore, Pakistan has a long tradition of excellence in clinical care and education. A dedicated team of highly qualified Neurophysicians provide expert diagnosis and treatment for all disorders affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. We have a well-established and highly regarded neurology FCPS and MD residency programs with plans to initiate fellowships in neurological subspecialties.

The Neurology department is located in the newly constructed Services Hospital Lahore [SHL] Faisal Masood Tower. It has brought Neurology, Neurosurgery and Radiology departments [CT/MRI/Ultrasound] together under one roof and both Neurology and Neurosurgery departments on the same floor with common teaching conference room. It has further enhanced the interdisciplinary nature of our programs allowing close collaboration of neurology, neurosurgery and radiology faculties. In addition, our In-Patient Neurology strength has increased to 32 beds with a dedicated 6 Bed Neuro Critical Ward and Neurophysiology lab hosting new EMG/NCS, Visual Evoked Potential, Sleep lab and EEG machines.


To further improve the care to our Neurology patients and patients at large we have recently started Trans cranial Doppler facility in our department. We have also developed a dedicated Neuro-Rehabailition facility in the department for the welfare of our patients.  Our Department has also signed an MOU with Punjab Institute of Neurology for the development of Neurointervention services in PINS. We are providing both Diagnostic and Therapeutic Neurointervention facility in the said hospital. The Government of Punjab has also approved the installation of a biplaner Angiography machine in Services Hospital Lahore which will be installed soon.  We have also established a 3 beds stroke bay in the Emergency Department where we are giving state of the art acute stroke care in the form of TPA injection.  Our Emergency Department caters to daily large patient volumes pertaining to neuro trauma, acute strokes, meningitis, status epilepticus and host of other neurological emergencies.

Our department strives to share and impart knowledge to our trainees and takes this responsibility seriously. As part of our mission the Neurology training includes training our future physician’s with highest medical ethics and compassion.


























List of Faculty Members:

Name                                      Designation               

Dr. Muhamamd                      Associate                    

Adnan Aslam                           Professor











Name                                      Designation

Dr. Adnan                                Assistant                       

Mahmood                               Professor