Department Types

Department of Paediatric Surgery




Dr Fatima Naumeri

MBBS, MCPS (Gen Surg), FCPS (Ped Surg), MCPS-HPE, CME

Associate Professor/ HOD

Department of Pediatric Surgery





Department of Pediatric Surgery, Services Institute of Medical Sciences/ Services Hospital, Lahore was established in 1996. It was approved for FCPS Pediatric Surgery training in 1999, and accredited by PMDC for MS Pediatric Surgery in 2018. It is a forty bedded unit with four bedded attached HDU. PICU and NICU are shared with department of Pediatrics. Elective theatres are shared with surgical departments in MOT, and emergency theatres are used for emergency cases. At present department has 09 residents, 01 medical officer, 01 senior medical officer, 01 principal medical officer, 01 assistant professor, and 01 associate professor.

Our motto is “you treat a disease: you win, you lose. You treat a person-I guarantee you win, no matter the outcome” (Patch Adams).



Department of Pediatric Surgery is actively involved in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Study guides are shared with residents and academic roster involves grand rounds (4 days a week), journal club (once weekly), flipped classrooms and case based discussions (twice weekly), monthly mortality and morbidity meetings along with twice weekly theatre teaching. Formative assessments are given and EPA are carried out at least biannually. Monthly interdepartmental meeting with other pediatric surgery units is mandatory and active participation in different conferences is encouraged.


  1. Exogenous sources and surgical site infections: an audit
  2. Non cystoscopic removal of DJ stent: a cross sectional survey
  3. Comparison of silver nitrate and common salt on resolution of umbilical granuloma: A Randomized controlled trial
  4. Avoid Stoma and do anastomosis over T Tube in neonate: a novel approach
  5. Application of normal saline dressing, platelet rich plasma and vacuum assisted closure in optimization of wounds for skin grafts in children: A randomized controlled trial
  6. Early versus late urinary stent removal in tubularized incised plate Urethroplasty in distal penile hypospadias
  7. Comparison between continuous and interrupted suture Urethroplasty in tubularized incised plate Urethroplasty for hypospadias repair in children
  8. Comparison of simple repair and PATIO technique for urethrocutaneous fistula repair post Urethroplasty: a randomized controlled trial
  9. Comparison of autologous platelet rich plasma dressing versus normal saline dressing in the management of lower limb injuries post motorcycle spoke wheel injuries
  10. Comparison of Snodgrass and Snodgraft Urethroplasty for distal penile hypospadias
  11. Effect of video games on pre-operative anxiety in children undergoing elective surgery